Wednesday, October 31, 2007


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Bebo Skins

An interactive feature introduced by bebo, where bebo users can upload their own graphics to create the overall look and feel of their page by creating their very own skins. Once a bebo skin is created the user may select the skin for public use, private use or for the skin to be featured in the skins section of the site. There are web sites that are dedicated to making bebo skins for public use.

Bebo Bands

On 11 July 2006, "Bebo Bands" was launched.[8] On this section of the site, bands or solo artists are able to create a profile showcasing their music. Along with undiscovered talents, it has a section called "New Music Only on Bebo" linking to established artist pages including Paris Hilton, Matt Willis, Orson, Coldplay, Kylie Minogue, The Kooks, Lily Allen, U2 and others.

The band pages include a band member list which is similar to the friends list on a normal profile, a list of "fans" (fans who have added the band as though it were a friend), an area for tour dates, a blog, and a list of songs which have been uploaded for playing through Bebo's media player, or to be added to other user's playlists. These songs can be grouped by the band into albums, along with cover-art. All band members can edit the content of the band profile.

Although the Bebo Band section is intended for use by musical groups, the facility is also used by many to form clubs or societies, or as unofficial fan pages for established bands.